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About Us

Our Story

Fire and Iron Productions was founded in 2017 by Peter Turner and Marcus Wood. Both driven and eager creatives, they form a complementary team brimming with ideas to be produced.

Now an award winning company, Fire and Iron have developed and refined their collective skills to reflect the needs and demands of the ever expanding and growing industry.

Fire and Iron Productions is founded on three core values.


We aim to aid and support all artists in their careers. Whether it's by providing training in film production, producing an emerging talents project or helping to promote businesses and ventures in the creative industry.


No matter your background, we make our best efforts to treat everyone equally, clients, staff and auditionees alike. We also believe that no matter your job role, knowing and understanding the work of others around you helps everything run smoother, so we try to make sure everyone has a basic understanding of everyone elses job.


We strive to make the best work because we love what we do. The members of our team are enthusiastic about their craft and always looking to innovate in their area of expertise.

Our Core Values

 Our Team

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Marcus Wood


Marcus Wood is an actor, writer and composer from Axminster, Devon. Passionate about music and sound, Marcus spends most of his time finalising each Fire and Iron film with one of his signature scores.


Becca Holley

Head Of Design

Becca Holley is an interior design graduate from Southend-On-Sea, with a great interest in theatre and film set design. Becca has experience in prop making for shows and short films and is currently enjoying designing and producing sets for Fire and Iron.


Maddy Lahna

Creative Team

Maddy Lahna is a Creative Producing student from London with a keen interest in set, props and foley. She supports Becca in the creative development of Fire and Iron Project sets.


Nathan rees

Head Writer

Nathan Rees is an award winning writer from Neath, Wales.

Recognised internationally for his ability to create/develop meaningful stories for film, Nathan is an invaluable addition to all F & I Projects.


Jacob Luxon

Creative Team

Jacob Luxon is an aspiring creative from Essex. Looking to expand his knowledge of the Film industry, Jacob works across all areas in a variety of roles and is paramount to the running of Fire and Iron projects.


amber whiting

Colour Grader & VFX Artist

Amber Whiting is a colour grader and VFX artist from Oxford. Amber ensures that all projects meet industry and client standards, their skills and ability make them a key member of our post-production team.


Peter Turner


Peter Turner is an actor, writer, fight director and creative director from Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. Peter focuses on the distribution and acquisition of Fire and Iron projects, he is always looking to see where F&I can expand to reach new audiences.


Ben Chandler

Head Of Cinematography

Ben Chandler is an artist and cinematographer from Southend, Essex. Driven by his Fine Art background, Ben actualises his directors' visions with particular attention to how lighting and framing can bring the most out of the narrative.


christin Prüstel

Head of Marketing

Christin is a Marketing specialist from Leipzig, Germany. Christin keeps a focus on our social media presence ensuring the Fire and Iron brand reflects our values of Opportunity, Inclusivity and Passion.


kate abbott

Secretary & 1st AD

Kate Abbott is a actor and creative from Rugby, Warwickshire. With a particular interest in all things behind the scenes, Kate brings a unique focus and structure to the running of Fire and Iron projects.


Sophie wyatt

Audio Engineer

Sophie Wyatt is a creative audio engineer from London. Her in depth understanding of audio and audio development has made her a welcome additon to the Fire and Iron Post Production team.


max lamprell


Max Lamprell is an Editor from Essex. Max takes the RAW footage from our shoots and turns them into a signature Fire and Iron production, his keen eye for editing allows us to bring client dreams into reality.

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