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  • Creation of media to a brief: We fully create custom video and audio content to meet the specific storytelling needs of businesses, such as commercials, music videos, audiobooks and films.


  • Production Services: We can form part of a larger creative team by providing assistance in specific areas. This could include everything from pre-production planning/logistics, handling contracts, scriptwriting, storyboarding, design/construction work, casting, location scouting and any form of Principal Photography or recording/filming.


  • Post production Services: We provide a range of post-production services for businesses including editing, captioning/subtitles, colour correction/grading, visual effects/motion graphics, audio cleanup/mixing, ADR, foley, sound design and composing.


Our ‘Forge the Core’ service ensures that all the preparation elements for your project are in place and ready to go.

Organisation is key!


Time to bring the hammer to the anvil. Watch your film take form before your eyes as we go from principal photography right through to wrap!


We can help with all your production needs.


Right to the point.

All areas of post-production covered, ensuring your project is as sharp as it can be!


Bringing together the finishing touches.

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