Studio Hire

Our Studio, located in Southend-on-Sea, is perfect for businesses and individuals looking for an affordable space to shoot small scale projects, advertisements and product presentation/review content!

In hiring our studio you can also gain access to our: Four Metre Panoramic Backdrop (available in either White or Green Screen) along with *all Fire and Iron camera equipment/ accessories including our Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera 4k, our RGB Led Video Lighting kit and our MOZA Air2 Gimbal*.

The studio is acoustically treated to reduce room reflections, allowing for cleaner and crisper audio recordings.

* Members of the Fire and Iron Team will be made available for projects looking to make use of our equipment. All equipment will be operated and supervised by a member of the Fire and Iron team at all times to ensure the safety of the clients and the equipment.*

To book, simply select a slot from the calendar below!

Additionally if you would like to see more services like these made available (such as increasing dates/times or adding voiceover recording facility), or would like to receive news relating to the space and its development, you can sign up to our studio hire mailing list here:

Southend-on-Sea, UK

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