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Studio & Vocal Booth Hire

Our Studio, located in Southend-on-Sea, is perfect for businesses and individuals looking for an affordable space to shoot small scale projects, advertisements and product presentation/review content!

In hiring our studio you can also gain access to our: Four Metre Panoramic Backdrop (available in either White or Green Screen) along with all Fire and Iron camera equipment/ accessories* including our Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera 4k, our RGB Led Video Lighting kit and our MOZA Air2 Gimbal. 

The studio is acoustically treated to reduce room reflections, allowing for cleaner and crisper audio recordings, and also features a full vocal booth for ADR, Voiceovers and foley. 

* Members of the Fire and Iron Team will be made available for projects looking to make use of our equipment. All equipment will be operated and supervised by a member of the Fire and Iron team at all times to ensure the safety of the clients and the equipment.* 

For enquiries and availability please email

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