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News and Updates and EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED!

Well well well, fancy seeing you here. I mean, you clicked on this (thank you by the way) so you must've known I'd be here. Anyway, here we go again. I hope you've been keeping safe. We're starting to come out of lockdown for the third time and things are, hopefully, starting to look up.

For Fire and Iron, we've been very busy behind the scenes and now we have some very exciting new ventures ready to smash 2021 with a metaphorical baseball bat and hit it out of the proverbial park.

Firstly, we have a new office! I know this is the second time in about a year, but this will be the last time, for a while at least. We've moved closer towards the seafront along the high street in Southend.

You can now find us at Floor 3, Suite 4, Princess Caroline House, 1 High Street, Southend-On-Sea, Essex, SS1 1JE. We are open for a whole range of services. Just give us an email, and we'll be glad to help you out.

Secondly, adding to our repertoire of services, we are now offering showreel and voice reel services. We know, as actors ourselves, how hard it's been to be a creative during these times, especially with nothing to add to your CV. That is why we have started offering these services for actors to build up their marketing material and show what they can do. We also understand that financially it's been extremely tough and that is why we are also offering these services at the lowest price possible. If you're looking for a fresh new start or if your hair's too long or you just don't like your old showreel anymore, again, drop us an email.

Likewise, if you're wanting to venture into the world of voice-overs, presenting, singing, or you want to show off your accents and impressions, why don't you drop us an email? We're fully kitted out with our very own voice booth! Here's a sneak peek.

Look at it! It's all blue and sound-proofy. You can even select your favourite colour when you enter the booth. Colour changing LED's may not sound exciting to you Air Pod-iPad-Touch Screen yobos, but to us, it's very exciting.

I think that's all from me, just a little update. We're still here and not going anywhere. I'll be back soon for some more screen-related tidbits. Thanks for reading and for all your support.

Stay safe. I'll see you in the next one.

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