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168 Film Festival Success

In April of 2019 we entered into the 168 Film Festival competition and WE WON!!

So the 168 Film Festival is a christian film festival based in Burbank, Los Angeles. All who enter have 168 hours to create, edit and submit a project based on an assigned bible verse. The chosen projects are then hosted at the AMC Burbank movie theatre and reviewed by a team of seasoned industry professionals as well as shown publicly to all other who have submitted successful projects. Once all the films have been reviewed they role out the red carpet LITERALLY and the award ceremony begins! Our head writer and creative director, Nathan and Marcus, were given Jonah 2:1-6 as the focus of their film (For those of you that don't know- Jonah is chosen by god to go and preach his word, when he doesn't do this and tries to sail away from his responsibility, he is swallowed alive by a great whale, sent by god, and ferried for 3 days across the ocean to complete his task.) This section focuses on Jonah inside the belly of the whale and his acknowledgement of the situation he is in. Working tirelessly our team banded together and created 'The Other Way' the story of a young woman Dana (Played by Anna Mills) and her struggle to accept that her fathers killer has just been released from prison- Her faith and forgiveness is put to the test when Axel (played by Chris O'Reilly), the aforementioned killer, seeks redemption for his sins. To the delight of everyone we were programmed for the festival and invited to the screening in LA! Alongside making some amazing connections with creatives from across the world- Nathan received the award for 'Best Scriptural Interpretation' and Chris received the award for 'Best Actor' (whaaaaaaat!) We are now in the process of applying for the 2020 competition with multiple projects!

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