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Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Well, it's been a while, hasn't it? It's been so long, we've got a new writer for our blogs! It's me, Nathan.

Anyway, how have you all been? We've been mega busy behind the scenes, working on new projects, attending pitches, oh, and getting a new friggin' office!

That's right, after months of Marcus being stuck in a cupboard under his stairs and living with our equipment in every crevice of his home, we've got an office big enough to swing a cat in. There's tons of room. There's room for meetings, filming, there's even enough room for... a second computer, maybe? Wait? Is that a hint of Fire and Iron's Post-Production Team? By Jove it is!

This, we feel, is the final piece in the Fire and Iron puzzle right now. A post-production team allows us a film production company to push our content out faster and with more precise skills, a higher quality. We have three new members of our team we'd love to introduce to you. We have:


Sophie will be joining Marcus on Sound Editing and Production and making our scores sound sweet as a nut. Already she has been cleaning up the audio from 'We Who Fall' (which is still in production. It will come out, don't worry!) and it sounds crispy clean. Just the way we like it.


Max is a Sports Therapist and keen videographer. He will be helping with our editing. He has gone international with his craft and we love seeing his unique style in all of his work. If you'd like to see some of it in action, check out his YouTube channel here: (You might recognise him from a few videos interviewing the people of Southend).


Amber will be helping out with the all-important colour grading, compositing and visual effects. We've already had some amazing results with her re-grading 'The Other Way' and it looks incredible. Watch this space. There may be a re-upload on the horizon. That's when we can actually get back into the office anyway.

The new office, three new members. Well, that's it I think. All that's left to do now is... Oh no. One more thing.


This little thing is going to be able to take us all around the country, taking us to new and exciting locations, allowing us to make more diverse films. We're still trying to think of a name for the van. We're thinking Dobby (because it's a Fiat Doblo, clever I know). Watch out Scunthorpe and beyond, Fire and Iron is coming for ya'. New things are happening very fast for us and we want to thank you all for your continued support.

Well, I hope you've enjoyed this update blog. Lots more content to come from yours truly.

Bye for now.

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